The Terms of Treatment – Price List

My treatment terms result from my lifetime experience.

I have taken part in many Christian spiritual exercises with father J. K. Bill (an eighty-year old priest and a preacher of the Vincentian Congregation in Kerala, South India) .Father Bill travels and gives lectures all over the world. Within the spiritual therapeutic week the listeners have an opportunity to arrange a private consultation with Father Bill. I personally used this possibility. After our discussion about my way of healing, Father Bill offered me to work and travel with him and the cooperation.

This priest gives lectures every week in a different country for one week. He told me he would be interested in working together. I explained him I had family commitments in the Czech Republic therefore I cannot join him. He comprehended my situation very quickly. We sat opposite each other in the distance lesser than one yard. He asked me if people paid for my services. I replied that this was a very sensitive issue in the Czech Republic and that the matter is influenced by many factors. He said wisely: "Radek, let people pay such an amount which will hurt them. Then, they will appreciate what you have done for them. There are ill people who mustn’t pay and it is necessary to explain them so. They have to be cured. And on the other hand, there are ill people who have to pay, because they can afford it. I do the same." Having said this he smiled in his special way. Those who know him, they understand, what I am talking about.

Afterwards he got up, put his hands on my head, prayed for a long time and blessed me. Next he took out a locket of Mary of his pocket – the locket blessed by Saint Father John Paul II himself - and gave it to me.

My financial terms follow his wise advice. Some clients have to pay and some do not. Everybody is satisfied.

I am happy I know my price list. It is quoted by a patient himself. He considers the price and also the necessity to come next time. Occasionally, I ask if the financial amount I received for my well done job really hurts the patient. These are very strange moments. I thank many of them with the respect.

I reached this arrangement after twenty-two years of healing.