Dear visitors,

I am pleased you are visiting my websites about naturopathy and herbal healing (phytotherapy). People suffered from different kind of illnesses and diseases in the past and they are not spared in this globalised world either. Nowadays, one can choose, according to his/her own orientation, the way of illness prevention and the sort of curing a certain health problem from a wide range of possibilities.

These sites should not replace the medical health care but they can help to perceive us from the different angle. They should serve as a guide for people suffering from any kind of illness and for those who are seeking spiritual help.

These websites offer you to see how I work in the field of health counselling. I would like to share with you my experience I have gained through the years of working with my patients. I am experienced in detailed diagnostics of organs, I do osteopathy, I recommend herbal teas and herbal baths, I talk to clients about spirituality matters. I would like to state some examples of illnesses I can successfully cure: infections, stress, depressions, epilepsy, chronicle fatigue syndrome, migraines, eczema, asthma, cough, problems with bronchus, lungs, heart, kidneys, bladder, stomach, liver, bowels, haemorrhoids, skins troubles, rheumatism.

Regards from the Southern Bohemia from Veseli nad Luznice.