After my personal experience and viewing health problems of many patients, I dare to look back to the time of twenty-two years ago. I remember watching the way of curing of many Czech healers; I can say I was lucky meeting them all. Each of them gave me a lot – and some a little took from me – but my experience with them was worthy enough. I remember those moments of watching them and learning with joy till today.

I used to travel a lot to visit these healers. I respect each of them in the way they let me look how they work with patients coming from neighbourhood as well as from abroad to find a solution of their health problems and get good advice how to overcome them. All these naturopathy’s practitioners have healed a lot of people and some will heal still, and I wish them this way success in their work and heavenly guidance. For sure I will return to these practitioners individually to acquaint readers of this website http://www.hrib.cz how I experienced their healing methods.

I studied the attitude of each healer or naturopathy’s practitioner to health conditions of their patients and also I pursued their way of healing. I was fascinated by some of them, by their grasp and by the way how to cure their patients. Unfortunately some of them are deceased.

Nowadays, when an ill person comes to see me, I often think what way of healing would be chosen by the healers I studied so closely. Some of them have changed their way of curing because of their personal development.

The description of the method I refined and which proved right is following. It is the method of sensitive perception. The important thing is the insight and concentration of a healer. This condition of mind helps to determine the correctness of diagnosis and the reason of illness. This way it is possible to get more extensive analysis of any ailments and summary of information about any patient. This information was overlooked or considered not important in previous examinations.

The correct diagnosis is the most important point of departure for any ill people. Then the person who examines has the possibility to evaluate in full extent the negotiability of next steps and minimize possible mistakes. Each illness has its complexity of reasons. And if a healer, doctor, naturopathy’s practitioner or priest come nearer or find out the objective general state of health so the possibility for getting well increases. The ill person can see his own mistakes and realize the problems which led him into the illness.

It is a very special experience to study the diversity of complicated details, which affect human organism in an unhealthy way within the strain frame. These also decide about people’s being or non-being, about their lives in the world. Therefore a good and attentive teacher, doctor or priest were, are and will be indispensable in a struggle against all kinds of diseases. A good healer, doctor or priest is even able to lead over the death bridge, which might or might not be.