Health Consulting

What kind of people look for me? The extent of my clients is wide and varied in age. Generally, they can be divided into several groups:

The first group includes my friends, whom I helped. They recommended me to their relatives or acquaintances.

The second group of patients comes to me after having tried the medical care system in the Czech Republic without success in nursing back to health. Simply, bad health condition remains, with its restrictions at professional as well as at personal level. A patient then searches a new therapy and understanding how to stop or prevent from progression of his/her illness, and how to get informed or consolidate in their spiritual orientation.

The third group came to different conclusion through their intelligence and experience. They found out they had to think in a different way. They noticed that their health condition was getting worse in spite of seeing their GPs regularly. They realised that this all happened thanks to the influence of uniformed consumer life style.

The fourth group includes patients whom I offer help myself as my long work experience in the field of healing enables me to deal with their ailments. It does not matter where patients were treated until now.

This has been my experience so far.

Also health services employees (e.g. doctors, nurses, carers, administrative assistants….) are included in these groups. I have very good experience and results with them too.

Recently, I have read an article on healers in the Czech Republic written by a doctor working in the oncology department. The doctor divided them into three groups. Let me paraphrase the professor Klener, the first one are healers, naturopaths, honest and they do not discourage from conventional medicine. Psychopaths consulting the ghost of Lady Diana cover the second group. The third one profits from human tragedy and the fact that a patient and his/her relatives are willing to pay anything for lifesaving. The doctor Klener warns against healers who only cause harm. But on the other hand, doctors themselves contribute to the fact that some people seek healers to help them as doctors are short of time for their patients. These are only quickly examined, get treatment but no one talks to them and no one is interested in their feelings, in what patients go through. On the contrary, a naturopath talks to his/her client, pays attention to them. The article was issued on

Allow me to respond to the lines above. My attitude is almost the same as the professor’s Klener apart from one difference. There is a matter what can be done for the group of honest naturopaths, as he says who do not discourage clients from the conventional medicine. There is another thing I would like to point out (Mr Klener has not mentioned it) that patients of these naturopaths are getting better. I am talking especially about those clients whose health condition did not improve or even got worse in the medical centres. This is the reality. I was too often told by many of my clients that they had been palmed off by doctors. The usual information patients obtain is about pills. Whenever they run out of their medicine, they know they should see their GP. A patient with common sense leaves a surgery with a receipt in his/her hand and on the quandary.

Quite often patients are kept in the process of a special treatment in hospitals without any sign of improvement of their health condition. I am not going to write about heaps of pills, which are badly prescribed or about their combination when one drug influences the other one/ones. Those drugs do not help the body at all. I knew one person who was prescribed twenty-six of different kinds of drugs for a long-term taking. Unfortunately, he is dead.

Prevention does not exist. That means considerable or even catastrophic problems in the future for some patients. These are treated in hospitals. Some of them phone me for help from the hospitals.

I am asking myself what is the situation with health care like. I expected wider conception of consequences, mainly more ethical and constructive attitude for the first group of naturopaths from the doctor Klener. Not only slogans extracted from a context and incomplete information about healers who often do not receive a salary. If a patient is short of money, I cannot ask him/her for a payment, I try to nurse him/her back to health. I am not aware that people like me are paid from state sources or from national services. But we all have to pay taxes.

Patients have a possibility to undergo a constructive and meaningful treatment when there is not a help anywhere else, not even in hospitals. This treatment would not be able to be paid for in some cases by anyone because this kind of help cannot be transferred into money.

The most important thing is to be detached, meaningfulness and above all the complete service to an ill person of any age. Economical profits should not be taken into consideration while helping to ill people. Sadly, this sometimes happens in some wards.

Nowadays, when we entered the new century, we should not stay mentally in the last century from any reasons. The time cannot be stopped. We all ought to learn from the old practises which work and have provable results even today. Also it is worth considering getting known views and possibilities of modern technologies which are being introduced in fields of research medicine all over the world.

If the whole issue is going to develop in favour of ill people, depends on each of us. Any patient should not lose his/her time, as the time can be an enemy for sick people.

In conclusion, personally I am not going to name three groups of doctors.

I believe that people are not stupid.